1.     I started making salsa because I was getting bored and annoyed with other salsas on the market, so I made my own. (Totally normal, right?) If you feel similarly, know you’re in good company.

2.     It’s chunky, complex, and spicy – but it’s always flavor first, heat second.

3.     It’s the only salsa that will make you cooler when you recommend it to friends, family, and people with whom you’re making really desperate small talk.

4.     We’re craft makers. That means every salsa we create is made with a lot of care, intention, and thought – with you in mind!

5.     You’re not going to get flavors this interesting from any other brand. A salsa that’s sweet, smoky, and packed with the heat of exotic peppers?! You betcha.

6.     Double Take Salsa is made right here in the Midwest. If buying local is important to you, you’ve found a good fit. (And if it isn’t … or you’re from Connecticut, know you’re supporting a family-run business!)

7.     Our products are available on Amazon! Better yet, they’re Prime-eligible if you’re into that sort of thing.

8.     All too often, we see people sacrificing flavor in pursuit of health. We’re here to put an end to that nonsense. Several of our salsa and hot sauce varieties contain no added sugars, including El Jefe, Verde Good, Peachy Keen, and the wicked hot Ghost Pepper Pineapple hot sauce.

9.     #RealTalk about our hot sauce: We use real, whole produce, making a hot sauce that's thicker and bolder than your typical runny, vinegar-based products. 

10.   You deserve the best, gosh darn it!