These terms have gotten to be cliché over the years. 

Craft: Another term that is truly hard to design.  I think of time consuming.  I think of different.  I think of passion.  I think of all of those things are craft. 

Handmade: I do use ovens, and food processors, and blenders.  But I do make it all myself.  This term is still quite gray! 

Small Batch: Even though I am excited to begin making larger batches, I would still consider mine a small batch process.  I believe in the smaller batch products.  It’s not just making fewer products each time I cook, it is everything that goes into it.  It’s taking the time to taste the end product, to make sure it’s perfect.  It’s about heating slowly, to reduce at the right timeframe. 

Local: I am looking in the salsa aisles of some of the respected grocers in Minneapolis, and they have a LOCAL tag on a salsa jar made in Wisconsin.  I mean.... it’s over an hour away, and not even made in the same state, but it’s local?  I wouldn't expect a LOCAL tag if I was in a grocer in Wisconsin. 

I am proud to be producing a craft, handmade, small batch product.  Buying local is also really important.