While this may sound like an existential how-well-do-you-really­-know-your-friends crisis in the making, it isn’t. Instead, I’m talking about a different kind of lifelong, ride-or-die, been there since day one companion – your taste buds.

A friend of mine (thanks, Eric) recently imparted some sage, fortune cookie-level wisdom: If you aren’t feeding your taste buds Double Take Salsa, they’re only taste acquaintances.


The next time you’re about to feed your taste buds (who have been there for you through some seriously bad decisions – let’s face it, you have years of reparations to make) some watery, budget-level, nearly tasteless concoction of pale tomatoes masquerading as salsa, consider your relationship status.

Are your taste buds, who have brought you so much unparalleled joy across celebrations, family meals, and days that demand comfort food, simply acquaintances? We think not. A familiarity with Double Take Salsa means you value a life that’s full of authentic flavors, rich complexity, and just a spark of heat. It also means we’re grateful to you for supporting a small, local company that’s committed to being the best salsa ever.

Thanks to Amazon, it’s never been easier to get your tortilla chips under a big scoop of Double Take Salsa or hot sauce:

Gourmet Variety 3-Pack

Hot Sauce 4-Pack

No Added Sugar Gift Set

Father’s Day Gourmet Salsa and Hot Sauce Gift Set

Go ahead and do your taste buds a favor. After all, they’re more than just acquaintances.