Welcome to to February, Double Take connoisseurs. Although it’s been a hot minute since we connected last, I hope you and your loved ones are staying warm and safe during this current polar vortex.

I recently returned from San Francisco, where I had a couple of people make the following remark about Double Take Salsa: “It’s great – but are the ingredients from Minnesota?“ We pride ourselves on being a Minnesota company through and through, and when we say “locally made” to our Minnesota audience, we mean it. But it’s occurred to me that for many people outside of the Midwest, there’s a bit of a disconnect between our bold flavor and our home state.

If the thought of buying Minnesota-made salsa gives you pause, I’m here to explain why I think that line of thinking is flawed.

There’s great food that hails from all across our diverse, fifty, incredibly nifty United States. I’ve had the opportunity to try a lot of it, and I’ve never let something as simple as geographic location prevent me from acknowledging great flavor. If you’re passionate, knowledgable, and resourceful about a crafting a certain food, it doesn’t matter where you live. You’re going to work your hardest to make it the best, and that’s a non-negotiable truth.

The last word: Great salsa can indeed come from Minnesota. Have a doubter in your life? Send them some Double Take Salsa. Watch them change their minds.