Hey, chileheads. Yeah, we’re talking to you. The nothing-is-ever-spicy-enough, hit-me-with-your-best-shot hot heads who never met an exotic pepper they didn’t like.

Double Take Salsa made an EXTREMELY LIMITED EDITION of our Carolina Reaper hot sauce, and it’s uncomfortably spicy. Don’t get us wrong, it still packs all the bold, complex flavor of the original Double Take Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce. We just took it up a notch. (You’re welcome.)

As a special deal just for you, we’re packaging the Extreme Carolina Reaper hot sauce with some of our best sellers including the original Carolina Reaper hot sauce, our beautifully-crafted (and much sought-after!) Cilantro Avocado hot sauce – as reviewed by Bill Moore – and a very special bottle of the out of this world Mama Kicks Jerk Marinade.

Extreme Package

When we say “extremely” limited, we’re not just playing off the extreme nature of the product. There are only 25 of these packages available! Here’s how to get yours:

·      This special, limited edition offer is only available through this link

·      At only $30 dollars, it’s a steal of a deal

·      Do you want free shipping? Of COURSE you want free shipping. Use promo code REAPER

And don't forget to tell us what you think! We’d love to know if your taste buds fell in love with the Extreme Carolina Reaper hot sauce (after it set them on fire); send us a note on Facebook to connect.