Don’t say we never taught you anything. May 11 is officially National Eat What You Want Day, according to our random internet source, and we’re not going to waste any time doing a deep-dive into its legitimacy. We’re already sold on the concept.

While we won’t get pushy about how you choose to celebrate, we would like to provide this extremely subtle, very subdued video for your viewing pleasure. Meet us on the other side to discuss.

If you’ve suddenly been struck with an extreme craving for some Double Take El Jefe Salsa (weird, us too), we support you. This mild salsa has complex flavors comprised of Hatch Chile varietals, complimented perfectly by garlic, tomatoes, and onions. We recommend adding it to egg scrambles, fajitas, and fish tacos. (This recipe from Bon Apétit is a favorite, made better only by Double Take Salsa.)

And although the idea of “eating whatever you want” might sound like dietary sabotage, it doesn’t have to. Our gourmet, sugar-free package of the best salsa ever is available now on Amazon Prime. This pack includes some of our most popular products that have helped people fight their way through their 30-day diets. Best of all, this selection of Double Take Salsa and Double Take Hot Sauce is gluten-free and vegan, meaning it suits dietary needs from all walks of life.

So go forth, salsa connoisseurs, and live National Eat What You Want Day  to the fullest!