There’s a select group of you coming to me with an odd, specific complaint. I won’t out you by name, but you know who you are. You’ve told me you love our hot sauces, but you wish they were even hotter.


Since the holidays are coming and I’m feeling generous (you can thank me later), I’ve turned things up … several notches. I’ve made a small batch of Double Take Double Up hot sauces, using the exact same recipes, with double the spice. That means if I typically use five pounds of Carolina Reaper peppers in a recipe, the Double Up batch uses ten pounds.

If you’re someone who considers yourself a hot, hot, HOT sauce lover, some batches have heat that’s 10x more powerful than the original recipe. These are limited edition, and they’re made with you in mind. Want to get your heat-loving hands on these one-of-a-kind hot sauces? Keep an eye on our social accounts for upcoming events – you’ll get the details on when and where you can find me and bring some home to set your taste buds on fire.