Hey, good lookin’. That’s right, we’re talking to you. You’re feeling good, confident, and sun-kissed. And why shouldn’t you? It’s a holiday week, you’re celebrating Independence Day with [friends/your neighbors with a boat/relatives from the “fun” side of the family], and the people around you are digging your vibe.

Why? It’s not just because of your natural charm and That New Thing You’re Doing With Your Hair. No, you’re the toast of the town. The hostest with the mostest. You’re celebrating your independence from mediocre, subpar, basic, wanna-be salsa. You bought Double Take Salsa, and you’re sharing it with everyone around you.

You’re nothing if not considerate, meaning you brought options for everyone. Double Take Salsa’s Machismo brings heat that rivals the temperatures outside, partnered with a rich smokiness reminiscent of a summer bonfire. As a refreshing crowd pleaser, you also picked up some Aces & Eights, a corn salsa that does double time as a relish but isn’t afraid to pair up with an avocado for some firework-worthy guacamole.

Yet another reason you’re so devastatingly spellbinding: Double Take Salsa’s Bewitched black bean salsa is casting spells all over the place, and the crowd goes wild when you suggest adding it to the burgers coming off the grill. And because “The Boss” (that’s you, my friend) has one final gift for the masses, you brought a salsa that transports you directly to your favorite BBQ joint: Meet El Jefe, a salsa with depth, balance, and no-added sugars.

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From all of us at Double Take Salsa to you: Happy 4th of July!