Double Take Salsa’s green chile salsa didn’t get it’s punny name by accident. Make no mistake, our Verde Good salsa is packed full of Minnesota-made flavors that will convert even the pickiest eater into a glorified green vegetable enthusiast.

If tomatillos, green chiles, yellow onions, and a dynamic blend of spices sound like your figurative jam, plan an evening watching the world’s greatest athletes while eating the world’s greatest salsa. Forgive us, but we’re about to toot our own horn with the same gusto as a brass section playing “Bugler’s Dream” during a mammoth-scale international sporting event: With Verde Good, Double Take Salsa has done the near-impossible and created the perfect chip dipping companion. The consistency is thick, meaning we’re saving you from a world of soggy chips and an evening of disappointment.

If you’re lucky enough to have a jar of Verde Good nearby, take a look at the heat level. We’ve given it a consistent two out of five flames, meaning it’s a versatile family and party-friendly salsa that doesn’t sacrifice flavor for heat. The only issue is that you might not want to share.

As a bonus, this Whole 30-approved has no added sugars, so you can feel guilt-free about adding it to your favorite dish (on day 23 when, let’s face it, you’re sick of kale and longing for foods from simpler weeks gone by – hang in there!).   

I enjoy adding it to any Mexican-inspired fare, including enchiladas, omelettes, or just some good old fashioned tortilla chips.