Resolution this, resolution that.

A lot of really well-intentioned brands, people, and craft makers are going to encourage you to make some major changes, spark new plans to better yourself, and dive head-first into new resolutions. You want to make a change? Make a change! Have a new and healthy habit you’d like to start? We support you in your ambitions whether they start January 1 or October 1.

But the truth is this: We like you just the way you are. We think you’re brilliant, charismatic, alluring, and driven. Sure, if climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is on your to-do list for 2019, we’ll be the first to cheer you on from the ground. Above all, we know you to be someone of sound mind, sharp intellect, and highly discerning taste.

How do we know such intimate and accurate details about you? Your impeccable taste in Double Take salsa and hot sauce, naturally!

Make personal changes if you must, but rest assured there’s no reason to change away from your favorite salsa. We’re not going anywhere, and we promise the best is yet to come. So cast aside your dumbbells, your kettle bells, and resistance bands. Eschew your workout classes with a firm hand. The only thing you’ll need to start your 2019 off on the right foot is my favorite fitness plan … fitness WHOLE TACO in your mouth. (I am not sorry for that joke, and I don’t plan to be.)


Cheers to the year ahead! Thank you for making yourself part of the Double Take family. We appreciate you!