The word 'reliable' can have a reputation for being a bit, well, dull.

If your friend returns from a blind date and they describe the other person as 'reliable', we can bet there are a lot of words they're choosing not to use. (And they're all in line with "good personality.")

But if you consider the word 'reliable' in light of a longterm commitment – a partner, an old friend, your favorite car – it's an overwhelmingly good thing. We're Double Take Salsa, and we're proud to be the most reliable part of your football season. 


Sure, your team has a so-so track record (they're turning it around this season, we swear) and they've made some questionable trades, but Double Take Salsa promises to have your taste buds doing a touchdown celebration every time you choose to make it part of your game day.

Now that football is officially back, we've got five reliable ways for you to impress your friends while watching the game:

  1. Whip up some Game Over Guacamole with our Aces & Eights corn salsa – we normally advise against sharing, but this one's a real crowd-pleaser
  2. Bring along some Jalapeño Poppers; they're easy to make and are good enough to keep your trash-talking, green and gold-supporting friend quiet for two to five seconds
  3. Watching the game at a friend's? Win all the points by sending along some Double Take ahead of game day (look at you, planning ahead!) and ordering through our Amazon marketplace
  4. We have it on good authority that no one has ever complained about having out-of-this-world enchiladas made for them, especially when our Machismo salsa is part of the recipe
  5. Swing by your local retailer and have a variety of Double Take salsas and hot sauces on hand; as a small business, we love it when you introduce our products to our next biggest fans!