As the timeless phrase goes, “What’s in a name? That which we call a salsa…” – OK, we’ll spare you the Shakespearean antics. However, we’d like to take this time to tell you a little more about our name – Double Take Salsa – and also why labels like ‘mild’, ‘hot’, and ‘medium’ just won’t do. Maybe you’re a longtime loyal shopper, or maybe you’re just hearing of us for the first time.

We know our salsa is a cut above the rest. The ingredients are whole, the flavors are complex, and the variety of our products is dynamic. The experience of enjoying Double Take Salsa should do just that – make you do a literal double take. (** For some people, that response may involve strong language. Example: “[Darn], that’s good!” But we’ll let you experience that for yourself.) Because we lean so heavily on crafting rich, bold, flavors, we hope that’s always what you notice first. And then the fun starts. Depending on the variety you’ve chosen – whether it be a salsa or a hot sauce – the heat that comes next will delight and astonish you. Surprise! You just did a Double Take.

And what’s up with ‘Machismo’, ‘El Jefe’, ‘Bewitched’ and the like? Our thought pattern is simple. We’re craft-style makers, meaning our approach deserves some craft-level attention. You wouldn’t walk into one of Minnesota’s 100+ breweries and ask for “a beer” – and you’re not just going to get “a salsa” from us. Each of our salsas has a personality of its own, and we’re excited for you to experience them all.