Today, March 9, is National Day of Unplugging. While we’re tempted to bore you about Kids These Days and Their Darn Phones, we’re shelving that idea in exchange for a different celebration – because it’s also National Get Over It Day.

That’s right. Today, apparently, is the day to Get Over It. And while we can’t speak for the things you could probably stand to move past in your personal life – seriously, [that thing your aunt said to your sister] happened twelve years ago! – we do know it’s time for you to get over mediocre salsas and hot sauces.

We know you have a lot of choices at the grocery store, but for the love of Pete just go with Double Take. Sure, those other brands might be on a lower shelf. They might seem more familiar. But we guarantee not all of them are made with real, whole ingredients. Very few of them are made with the creativity and authenticity found in craft, artisanal products. And even fewer are made locally by a family-run business.

Get over putting a giant dollop of dull on your chips. Recognize that great people deserve great salsa – and you’re a great person, gosh darn it! You deserve great salsa like the Double Take El Jefe Smoked Hatch or Verde Good, both of which are Paleo-friendly, with zero added sugars and gluten-free. The Hatch Chiles in this salsa (from the famed Hatch valley) are smoked and roasted; from the moment you open the jar, you’ll instantly be transported to your favorite BBQ joint.

So today, on this most honorable of holidays, we’re encouraging you to get the heck over it and stop settling for watered-down tomatoes and runny hot sauces. It’s time to break up with your old brands once and for all – and make the switch to Double Take.